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Analyze family separation in When the Emperor was Divine and one additional primary source to answer the question: Is the internment of immigrant children consistent with American values?


One way to include detail in your essay is to think about how the five senses figure into your story -- what colors, smells, sounds and textures are most associated with the events.

Like any great work of art, Beloved and Ceremony accomplish the miraculous by creating a picture of a very specific place and time, while at the same time being utterly universal in their ideas.

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How can we use technology to be more ethical global citizens? 

What are the ethical and policy issues

that surround new technologies?

How can you encourage your peers and your community to use and create technology in a more ethical manner? 


The politics of the built environment.

Planning issues commonly involve a conflict of values and, often, there are large private interests at stake.

These accentuate the necessity for the highest standards of fairness and honesty among all participants.


The stories about Lacks and her cells illustrate the inextricability of medical scientific research from social existence as well as cultural production, economics, law, religious beliefs and practices, geopolitics, and pretty much any other aspect of human experience we can think of.

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