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DHK12 is a collaborative group of educators who seek to:

  • use digital tools to make the humanities come to life

  • draw on the scholarship of women and people of color to diversify curricula 

  • support students as they do the work of historians by creating knowledge

DHK12 is part of an ethical and political imperative for a growing number of teachers and scholars committed to accountable and reciprocal research practices and knowledge-sharing.


As producers of an open-access interdisciplinary curriculum and network, we are organizing academic knowledge production away from the profit motive of textbook publishers. Instead, we use primary source documents and digital archives and work collaboratively with local cultural institutions to teach DH thinking and skills to primary and secondary public and independent school students, incarcerated children, and those held in immigrant detention centers.


DHK12 develops projects to teach students and teachers how to use computational text analysis, digital mapping and timelines, image processing, and 3D modeling to develop new epistemologies, ontologies, and ways of knowing and understanding public humanities and societal engagement.

We believe we can use digital tools and the humanities to promote social justice

Our Mission

Our Mission

To center the narratives of those traditionally at the margins by using digital tools in the classroom

Our Vision

To develop free, open-access digital humanities projects and lesson plans across disciplines 

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